ALL Data files are at RESOURCE GEOSYSTEMS, LLC facility located at

1008B Amiet Rd. in Henderson, Kentucky (adjacent to the Henderson airport).

RESOURCE GEOSYSTEMS facility has the capacity to copy, print, scan, and digitize (raster, LAS) all data - logs, tickets, maps onsite!

A reading room is open Monday through Friday by appointment.

For more information contact RGS at (812) 463-2015

Scout Check phone & email orders are always welcome

via 1-800-327-4321 or


Resource Geosystems, LLC

Well Log Management Services

Fee Schedule

Effective: August 1, 2018


Scanning Services (Hardcopy to TIFF)

$5.00 per log (any length)


Calibrated Raster (formatted for GeoGraphix, PETRA or NeuraLog)

$10.00 per log (any length)


Digitizing Services (TIFF/PDF to LAS File)

$15.00 per curve per log (up to 6,000 ft log depth)

$22.50 per curve (>6,000 ft.)


Log Printing/Plotting Services Well Logs & Mud Logs (LAS, MLW, PDF, TIFF)

$10.00 minimum per order - inches

$1.00 per page for Black and White 8.75 X 12.5

$1.65 per page for Black and White 11 X 17

$1.40 per page for Color 8.75 X 12.5

$2.30 per page for Color 11 X 17 Color



16GB USB Flash Drive - $8.00 each

32GB USB Flash Drive - $16.00 each

4.7GB DVD disc w/case - $3.00 each



Postal/Courier mailing or shipping services - at cost

Digital file delivery via Internet - no charge



* Resource Geosystems, LLC now owns the KELLER MAPS *


"KELLER MAPS" are Western Kentucky farm ownership and oil & gas activity maps started decades ago by H.E. Keller

The maps are based on the Carter Coordinate system, and each map covers five minutes of latitude and longitude.

The maps are $30.00 each plus postage and/or taxes

Order at 1-800-327-4321 or






















NOTE: Resource Geosystems, LLC reserves the right to adjust fees at any time with or without notice.