Cabin at the Pond
Martin and Rosanna Horst
Muddy Pond, Tennessee

Rental Agreement

I understand that Cabin at the Pond has certain rules related to the Cabins for the benefit
of all of its guests and that as a guest of the Cabin; I will be subject to those rules.
I hereby specifically agree to comply with and abide by all of the rules of the Cabin,
including those listed below, while staying at the Cabin:
1. No pets are allowed on the premises;
2. No drunken behavior or disorderly conduct;
3. No loud music;
4. No smoking inside the Cabins;
5. No lewd or obnoxious behavior.
I also agree to the following:
I understand and agree that all guests and visitors staying with me or visiting me at the Cabins
must be registered with the management of the Cabins. I also understand that having any occupant
of the Cabins in excess of two (2) people will result in the rental rate for the Cabins increasing
by $10.00 per night per additional adult. ($5.00 for children 3-14 yrs.)

Management of the Cabins will not be held responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries to guests
or loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind
Finally, I understand and agree that any violations of
(l) the above rules related to the Cabins
(ll) or this agreement will terminate this agreement and that I will be asked to leave the premises
and I will not be entitled to have any money refunded to me.
In addition, I acknowledge that no monies will be refunded for early departures.





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